The True Benefit of Vitality Insurance

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I was recently invited to the Vitality Exclusive Associate conference in London. Being an Exclusive Associate sounds a bit fancy, but all it actually means is that we have made the choice to work exclusively with Vitality for Life and Health Insurance. We are genuinely passionate about Vitality and their products, and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what I believe is the one true benefit to having a Vitality Life or Health Policy.

Who Are Vitality Insurance?

Just in case you weren’t aware, Vitality offer a range of additional benefits that, to my knowledge, no other insurer come close to matching. So, not only are their Life, Serious Illness, Income Protection and Health Products among the best on the market, they actively reward their customers along the way.

This includes free cinema tickets for Odeon and Vue, free Café Nero Coffee, free Amazon Prime, huge discounts on Apple Watch, Samsung, Polar and Garmin fitness devices, as well as discounts on trainers at Runners Need and Pure Gym memberships. And these are just some of their partners. There’s also Disney, Expedia, Champneys and more.

Your access to benefits is dictated by how willing you are to engage with Vitality by staying active, that’s it. Vitality simply want you to move about, whether it’s by tracking steps or running or a gym workout or doing a HIIT workout in your living room. In exchange for moving about, you’ll get access to the rewards and benefits I’ve mentioned.

Why Vitality is the best

You may think that having mentioned all these, that I’m about to tell you that the one true benefit of a Vitality policy is the benefits themselves, but they aren’t. Traditionally, a customer’s interaction with an insurance provider has been transactional. You pay them for a policy, it either continues until it ends or is renewed, or you contact them to make a claim. This is one of the key areas where Vitality have disrupted the traditional market by purposely aiming to be different, to be far more than a transactional insurance provider.

Get rewarded for keeping healthy

Vitality want you to interact with them, they want you to download their app, to move around more, to give up smoking, to lose weight, to focus more on your wellbeing, and they will encourage and help you to do this. Vitality want a relationship with you throughout the duration of your health or life policy. Vitality want you to be healthier, healthier customers make less claims. Less claims means more can be invested in controlling policy costs and bringing in more benefits. Controlling policy costs and more benefits ultimately leads to more customers and the whole cycle starts again.

So, what is the one true benefit of a Vitality Health or Life policy? Is it the market leading Serious Illness Cover? No. Is it free cinema tickets? Nope. Apple Watch or Amazon Prime? It’s not those either. 

Engage with Vitality

Vitality can give you something that is very, very difficult to get and that’s time. By engaging in the Vitality programme, your Vitality policy will help you lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. People who are healthier and more active live longer, and who doesn’t want to live longer and spend more time with the people they are closest to? Time is the one true benefit to having a Vitality Health or Life policy, and no other insurer can even come close to claiming they do the same.

And that is why we are proud to be Vitality Exclusive Associates.

Get in touch to find out more about the range of Vitality Health and Life products we advise on as well as how Vitality reward their customers for maintaining an active lifestyle.

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