Don’t let bad credit get in your way

Struggling with your bad credit history?

Getting a mortgage with bad credit might seem like an uphill struggle, but Remoo Mortgages are here to help.

We get the best possible mortgage deals, everyday, for clients with adverse credit & CCJs. 

We can help you.

Fed up of being judged?

No matter what your background is, and no matter your credit score, we have access to specialist mortgages that suit your situation.

We won’t judge your past credit history, or let it stop you from getting your dream home.

Need help & support?

With flexible times to chat, day or evening, we’ll guide you through the whole process & all the paperwork.We take away the stress of doing it all alone.

We won’t judge where you’ve been, only where you want to go


    It’s never been easier to get a mortgage

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